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Posted by sby on February 13, 2017
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How to Pick the Right Data Logger

It does not matter whether you are an experienced user of data logger or not, this article will help you find the best device for you. Below you will get to know the most essential factors to take into account when selecting your data logger together with the information on what features you need to find in a device like this.


Regardless of what you want to measure through device, it is necessary to develop understanding on the measurement accuracy requirements. For instance, a temperature measurement accuracy of +/- 2 degrees may just what you need from your device if you only need too monitor and measure your office air conditioning temperature. However, when you need to monitor the storage conditions of products that are temperature-sensitive, you may have to go for a device with greater accuracy. The same thing goes when you are using the device for a research laboratory.
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Different data loggers do have their own specifications for accuracy. If you know your own requirements for specific accuracy, you can avoid spending money for an accuracy that you do not need and cannot make use of. It is always recommended to see a chart that comes with complete information of the accuracy of the device over the entire measurement range. Do not rely on just a single value.
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The resolution of the data logger is the next important factor that you need to take into account in the device selection process. Resolution is the capability if the data logger to report the number of increments of a value. For example, a data logger that comes with a 12-bit resolution may have the power to report 4,096 values over a particular temperature range. In spite of the fact that a 12-bit data logger model can offer better resolution over the 8-bit model, higher resolution cannot be always equated to better measurements. If you are not confident about your ability to determine your accuracy as well as resolution requirements, then do not feel hesitant to ask a well-experienced data logger supplier.


As you move your way to purchasing a device for data logging, you have to do a check-up first on the conditions of the place where you are planning to utilize and store the device and to check the device’s ability to suit and adapt to such conditions. One example is if you are intending to perform monitoring in an office hallway, you need to choose the device that comes with a hard plastic enclosure. This is so you can make use of the product longer.

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