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Posted by sby on February 14, 2017
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Safety is of utmost importance whenever you travel in a vehicle. Consequently, every car company is trying to include more safety features within their automobiles. One of the most important features for security in an automotive is the seatbelt which is a simple item, but it plays a major when during a crash. Whenever a vehicle collides against a stationary object at 30 mph the force at which a passenger is tossed forward is approximately 30 times of his body weight. Seat belts can evenly distribute this pressure in the body so that the total effect is very minimal if any.

Air bags are the next most important safety precaution that can minimize injuries to individuals during a car accident. Initially, the seat belts’ sole purpose was to provide protection from front impact. But later they have been fitted to provide protection from side impacts. Due to their critical role in protection provision, presently we have airbags for the knees and curtain airbags. The airbags have the ability to give enough safety each time a collision occurs. Therefore, modern vehicles use them as their standard security functions.

Currently, there are efforts to make use of air bags to safeguard vehicles also. There are trials which are underway to find out the possibility of setting up air bags on the undercarriage of vehicles. When you want to make an abrupt stop, the airbags will expand and will touch the surface of the road so that it gives a shorter stopping distance. Since these air bags have significant friction surfaces, they are capable of creating friction and helping cars to stop when the airbags are in contact with the ground.

When you apply brakes on a car when it is at high speed, it makes a forward tilt. Since this makes it miserable for people inside the automobiles, air bags could be used to reduce it. These airbags can contain the vehicle in a better angle when it makes an abrupt stop. When you make sudden stops, passengers will be at ease due to the functions of air bags. Although this element of the air bags is not yet fully developed for the modern cars, we expect it to be released soon especially in the 2017 cars release.

Some these essential features are put in modern day cars to ensure that the drivers and passengers are in safer conditions when driving. With many other security precautions to protect the other road-users from vehicles, the roads will be safer places with time to come. However, these new attributes might make cars costly. Therefore, we should look forward to cars with high safety measure put in place in the 2017 cars release.

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