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Posted by sby on February 03, 2017
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Two Key Reasons to Outsource Executive Protection

Design your own or outsource executive protection? The decision is yours, but some concrete reasons make the second the wiser option. Of course, the possibilities are infinite, but the safety, productivity and satisfaction of the principal is the most critical factor here is, and so is the executive protection program’s general viability.

In any case, here are two most compelling reasons you should outsource executive protection:

Tested Expertise

Experts are, well, experts. Their staff has hands-on experience in corporate executive protection for decades. They have operating procedures that have stood the test of time and practice. They have mastered recruitment and training of agents for success. And they can apply whatever skills they learned from one client, to another.

As opposed to an organization that is developing its own executive protection program from scratch, expert partners that have served a lot of companies can develop standards to guide them in other programs. They have worked hard to earn their sense of “best practice” in the industry. And this they offer to their clients in a whole range of ways, from creating programs to implementing them to dispatching full or partial staffing.

Reduced Corporate HR Burden

The second major benefit offered by full or partial executive protection outsourcing is a reduction in the responsibilities of the client’s HR department. Even the largest and brightest companies do not have executive protection as a core competency. To staff as well as manage an executive protection program alone, you need experts in hiring, training, and paying off and on-boarding protection managers and agents, and that’s just the icing on the cake. Majority of corporations would rather not use headcount or devote HR expertise to this specialized but non-core service.

Of course, when it comes to firms that specialize in executive protection, the situation is totally different. Aside from a vested interest, they also have experience in finding talents who have the best chance for continuing success. They appreciate the demand for developing people who have these niche skills, and are used to ensuring that all agents engage in an annual training program that enhances agent capabilities. And they are aware of the importance of spotting talent, and encouraging the brightest to follow career paths of expanding expertise and responsibility.

In addition, specialist partners have a dependable reserve of vetted candidates, and if anyone should not work out for whatever reason, a replacement can be put in place in an efficient manner. What’s more, they have instant access to a global professional network of closely-vetted vendors, allowing them to secure complementary services internationally. Furthermore, with their special partners, they can lessen the corporation’s legal exposure and erase the need for special licensing and insurance.

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