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Posted by sby on January 09, 2017
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The Ultimate Guide for Selecting Baseball Bats

The latest in technology has made it tough for lovers of the game to pick baseball bats. You may spend hours just trying to identify a baseball bat that will turn you into a champion. So, to make things easy, here are the top considerations for choosing baseball bats.

Not many people are aware of the existing relationship between the weight of their bodies and the mass of the bats they should use. So, if you are heavy, the bat that’s most fitting for you should also be the heavy type. The reverse is accurate if you are light. However, you don’t need to use a scale to pick a bat of the appropriate weight. Swing a couple of bats to get one that is most comfortable. It is well-known that heavier bats offer the most distance on hits.

The best youth baseball bats are those with lengths that result in the greatest reach. That requires you to pick longer bats, but make sure that their weight is appropriate. Since the lengthy a bat is, the heavier it is to its user, taking a few swings ensures that you get the best pick lengthwise. You need to do bat shopping with your child present so that his or her length is taken and compared to certain charts that are meant to aid in this exercise.
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“Drop” or the relationship between the length of a baseball bat and its weight also matters during your selection. There are several numbers that are used to indicate its degree and these are between -7 and 13.5 in most instances. For someone who has never dealt with such figures, lighter bats are always indicted by higher numbers.
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Optimal performance in a baseball game is a factor that depends on the comfort levels of the bat in use. Here too, taking a few swings will help in picking the most appropriate bat to pick. One good tip is always to pick a bat of the same type to one that you have used in past instances.

It is possible to find all sorts of bat-making material when you are out shopping. In the past, only aluminum was in use, but today, composite, maple, birch, ash and wood have become popular. When picking, make sure it is a material that balls bounce off of it easily, is of an appropriate weight and price, and durable.

Give thought to the league type that your son or daughter is to play the game because it will affect the barrel diameter to settle for. 2 1/4 is what most under 12 leagues recommend. 2 3/4 is also a barrel size that is becoming popular with many such leagues. For high school players, 2 5/8 is maximum diameter in use. By consulting with the school’s baseball team coach, you will get a barrel diameter that is most appropriate.

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